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Testimonials and Reviews
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Some of the comments we have received ...
"Their vegetarian items are universally fantastic, thought the Bengan Bharta and Paneer Butter Masala are really standout great.”
- Laura
“We got the eggplant bharta and the butter chicken and it was delicious.”
- Ian
“The chana masala, okra, and vegetable curry were standouts.”
- Giselle
"Great food and great service here.
I always find that when I order India food the portions look small but once I start eating I'm extremely satisfied/full by the end.
The staff was really great here. One of the guys even put fresh cherries in out drink that he just got from the market, he said he thought we'd prefer fresh Cherries to the maraschino one, and he was right, so much better.
The food was good, not the most amazing but still good. Great naan and lassies.
All in all, delicious food, friendly staff and a spacious place. What more can you ask for?"
- Sara
"If sub-subpar chicken biryani is what you're looking for, look no further. At this culinarily South Asian sauna (the air conditioning wasn't working, making a three minute wait seem like an hour long ordeal), the biryani was touted as 'saffron-infused rice with chicken'. My finely honed brown senses, although, told a different story: it tasted like nothing more than steamed rice with some sort of basic curry mixed in and left to sit for a good while.
If you happen to chance upon this place, though, worry not: the butter chicken I'd tasted once was 100% legit. Let's see what a future visit has to say."
- Siddhant
"I came based on a Groupon purchase. This place was busy which is really good to see. The lunch buffet is small but I didn't mind. It covered meat and vegetable dishes well. They served fresh naan and mango lassi. Overall, it was a nice meal."
- Elaine
"I've been going to Kathmandu regularly for about 6 years now. It's hard to find authentic South Asian food in Toronto. I always get chicken vindaloo and momos with their fresh made, delicious naan. The food is spicy. It takes a while to get the food, but it's worth the wait."
- Rabi